About the Market

The Farmers Markets in the South Hams, Kingsbridge, Dartmouth, Totnes and Ivybridge were first discussed at a meeting as an idea with South Hams District Council, Devon Food Links, Rural Development Program and the South Hams Agriculture Forum in order to support the farmers, give an outlet for their produce and for small local food companies to test the market for their wares. The idea of local was to be within a 30 mile radius.

Much more discussion ensued, grants applied for and advertisements for stall holders written, members of the local farming community were recruited to set up the green and white stalls which were to last the next 16 years along with some of the workforce!!

We now have a farmers market in Kingsbridge on the first and third Saturdays of every month. The iconic green and white stripes have been replaced by smaller structured white gazebos and as well as offering local food, we have also introduced some local crafts - all of these are sold to you by the person who has grown, made, cooked or designed the produce they are selling to you and we are there come rain, shine, snow and even when it's windy.

Now in its 20th year the market continues, with a few of the original stall holders and setting up crew, the emphasis is still on Local - all but one of the stall holders come from Devon. We are changing with the times but continue to be well supported by local people and the many holiday makers who pass through each season.